Xtreme Shield Protector in Five Gallon Size

Xtreme Shield Protector in Five Gallon Pail
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Each 5-gallon pail makes 15 gallons! Xtreme Shield is a finishing conditioner applied after polishing. It introduces additional Colloidal Silica to the slab, along with a thin, clear polymer layer that gives extra protection to the slab surface. It brings out the color in integrally pigmented, stained, or dyed concrete, giving a slight "wet" look that works excellently with exposed aggregrate. The polymer provides extra protection against accidental staining from spills. It is particularly useful against mild acids, such as might be encountered in environments where food is handled or served. Provides water repellency, stain resistance, and gloss development. Shipped as a concentrate. 1 gal. of concentrate makes 3 gal. of applied product. Coverage: 1500 - 2000 feet per gallon. Apply as thinly as possible.

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